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Hi Rene - Just viewed your site - GREAT! Thanks for being that special instructor the past 6 years or so-I am so grateful at feeling so good and moving through life so well. At 79 people are amazed at how well I do - True to your passion and teaching skills It's ever too late. I'm living proof - blessings on you and for and sharing your passion.

I have been coming to Rene’s class twice a week for almost a year and believe me what a difference since I started her exercise program and aerobics. I did suffer from arthritis pain and crack all the time and on some mornings during winter it was hard to get out of bed. Those days are gone and also the use of pain medication such as Celebrex and on a rare occasion will use an Aleve. Doing everyday things are no longer as challenging because I have more flexibility, endurance and agility. I am able to do everything around the house and even those difficult tasks that one would go down to home depot to have a boarder brother to do. This program has also helped me mentally, especially my self esteem because of the things that I can do now. During the exercises Rene’ emphasizes that we are the lucky ones because we can do the exercises and that there are a lot of seniors that are unable and limited. Her compassion can be felt when she conducts this class and because of this she has inspired me to help the other seniors that are not as fortunate.
-Sincerely Walt Woodworth

I was so jazzed during the summer I was able to do the plank position - ever so carefully mind you (as I have 2 degenerated lumbar discs and spinal stenosis) but none the less I did it. When I first started your class, I could not do it as it was very painful. I kept up with your #3 dvd for exercise at home during your summer absence (I did not care for the summer instructor as her exercises were not so tailored for seniors). Anyway, to now be able to do plank is a testament to your program for seniors (I'm 57 yrs young) - I call that success - or teaching an old dog new tricks??!!

-Sincerely, Robin Towle

Student Video Testimonial

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