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step up to a healthier year - fabulously fit
by René Burton

IT'S A NEW DAY. it's not too late to get healthier.

Nobody's perfect. That's one of the reasons New Year's resolutions are so popular and also one of the reasons they are so hard to keep.

One of the best and easiest ways to start on your journey to a healthier year, is to get a pedometer. Pedometers will bring your health goals right into step. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

The average pedometer costs around $20.00. They are easy to use in various setting as you go about your daily activities, and certainly less expensive than joining a gym. Anyone can do it.

A pedometer is a little gadget that senses your body motion, counts your footsteps and determines the distance you have walked. It should be worn on your waist aligned directly over your knee to accurately measure the distance you have walked.

Los Angeles based personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, author of the 5-Factor World Diet, has been studying the health habits of various countries, says "What I found was that the 10 healthiest countries in the world, they all have different dietary habits, but one thing they all share, is that they walk way more than we do in America."
Here are some of the healthy, fat blasting benefits of using a pedometer.

1. It helps you burn more calories
Studies have shown that people who wear a pedometer on a daily basis, will take extra steps because you will become aware of the need to move, and try to get up to 11.200 steps per day.

2. It serves as a motivator.
The simple act of strapping on a pedometer can be a strong motivating force to get you moving. A pedometer will remind you to walk a little faster and a little further.

3. Change the way you do things.
By giving you a record of how many steps you use to perform a particular task, you can make adjustments that will allow you to burn more calories. If you find you are taking too few steps during the day, schedule a walk during your lunch hour or after dinner.

4. It's portable and inexpensive.
If you travel a pedometer is the one piece of equipment that will fit into your suitcase. No need to go to the gym. Simply take several brisk walks around your hotel each day using your pedometer to monitor your progress. The other inexpensive piece of equipment to throw into your suitcase is my packable Dyna-Band to be used for stretch and flexibility while you are traveling.

If you are interested in some fancy gadgets, some pedometers have tons of extra features such as:

• alarm
• calories burned
• clock
• heart monitor
• stopwatch
• speed estimator
• steps per minute
• 7 day training/walking log
• auto voice announcements (speaks the numbers displayed on LCD once you have programmed your goal).

The basic no-frills pedometer is really all you need to start your healthy walking program. You can always up-grade later to a model with more bells and whistles.

WARNING - Healthy Side Effects May Include:

• Weight loss
• Increased Stamina
• Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
• Better Self-Image
• Increased Muscle Tone
• Lower Blood Sugar
• Improved Sleep
• Lower Healthcare Costs
• Lower Stress
• Higher Energy Level
• Longer, Happier Life

You are off to a good start, but keep in mind, walking shouldn't be the only exercise in your repertoire, strength training and stretch and flexibility should be included in your exercise program. For best results, take this magic pill 3 to 5 days per week for 20-60 minutes per day.

The first pedometer was invented by Thomas Jefferson.



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